The Talking Bird

Along the Trail with the Editor
A Mongol Peasant Bride
The Third Asiatic Expedition
From the Floor of Coral Seas
The Conquest of the Khyber
A Chinese Woman Speaks.
The Marriage Dagger of the Druses.
Two Masters of Japanese Landscape
A Woman's Daring Journey into Tibet
When Hindu and Moslem Pay Off Old Scores
Stepchildren of the Russian Revolution
Laughter and Tears in India
Frank McIntosh's cover is a picture of one of the heroines of the Thousand and One Nights.She is the Princess Periezade and is painted with her marvelous pet,the Talking Bird. As infants,the princess and her brothers were lost to their father,the Sultan, through the machinations of their mother's wicked sisters.The children had better luck than most royal foundlings in fairy-tales,because they wer adopted by people who were kind but rich,instead of "kind but poor." When they grew up, the princes went in search of the Talking Bird,as a gift for their sister.They were bewitched and did not return.The princess, missing them,fared forth and, combining courage with wit,captured the Bird. It became her slave and restored the princes to life. Also, it disclosed the secret of the parentage of the royal young people and thus brought their story to the ever-appropriate happy ending.