Russia : Stage-setting

Along the Trail with the Editor
At the Flaming Cliffs in the Gobi
"Mongols" of Twenty Thousand Years Ago
Reindeer Immigrants
Trouble behind the Trouble in Chine
Indigo Days in India
"The Most Respectable Animal in the World"
Man Goeth to His Long Home
The Hidden Kingdom of the Housetops
Western "Barbarians" in Japan
The Solitary Priest
Frank McIntosh can count himself lucky that he is a painter:he can pay in a lively manner whatever debt he owes the Russian genius. He is not compelled to search his soul gloomily, as one must if working in the literary arts under the Russian influence. Instead he can take counsel of the Russian decorative painters,place his colors in unusual juxtaposition and turn out a piece of work that is positively gay.Surely his cover this month is so --gay enough,indeed,in mood and color to be the winning desing for a Russian number in a revue.