タヒチの情景を描き An Orange Episode と題されたイラストがマッキントッシュのデビューであった。この後10年以上にわたりこの雑誌の表紙を飾った彼のイラストは振り返れば年毎に共通のイメージを持って作成されていた。決して複雑な色あいを使っているわけではないのに新鮮、斬新に思えるのは何故だろうか。東洋、南海をイメージした鮮やかな色彩がこうした表現をしてきたのであろう。

Along the Trail with the Editor
The Snow-Filled Zardeh Kuh Pass
Are Gandhi and Ford on the Same Road?
Maori Artists in Wood,Flax and Feathers
The "Cordons Bleus" of Peking
The Mitsui--Princes of World Trade
Farewell -- and Hail -- to Tahiti
The Green Jaguar.
The Third Asiatic Expedition
Cave-Men of the Tunisian Desert.
A "Samurai's " Daughter
A Desert Colossus
China before the Annual Armistice
Asia's Book-Shelf
Frank McIntosh presentes the cover as the first of a series that he will paint for Asia.The biographical note he sent us says that decoration is his main interest,and that the great art of the East is his main inspiration.This is brief,but strikingly to our purpose.It assures us that he will choose an oriental theme and treat it in a distinctive style.Each of the covers in his set will represent an Asiatic country. The one for December is of the South Seas and expresses a multicolored idea of the beauty theme.Thus the artist disregards(or is it regards?)Robert Keable's advice about Tahiti.